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With over 5,000 expertly crafted formulas, Hilook helps elevate your brand with custom private label services tailored to your vision. Tailor-made tattoo care products and a complete product line designed to meet your unique needs. Bring personalized care and superior results to your clients.

Tattoo Numbing Lines

Offering a range of tattoo numbing lines, our products cater to the needs of professional tattoo artists, brand owners, e-commerce stores, and startup businesses. Achieve pain-free tattoo sessions with innovative solutions that ensure client comfort and satisfaction.

Pain Tattoo Numb Cream Before Tattoo

50%–70% active ingredients worked better while tattooing. Our formulas have been tested by hundreds of users and tattoo artists and can be adjusted to adapt to your country's market.

Full Body Numbing Tattoo Spray

Work quickly in a short period of time and maintain itself for a relatively long time. Meanwhile, it has a good moisturizing effect on the skin, which undoubtedly makes tattooing easier.

Pain Relief Long Lasting Tattoo Eyebrow Gel

The mature formula makes it safe to use even on relatively fragile faces. The main components of local anesthetics are lidocaine, tetracaine, and benzocaine, which can be used in mixed numbing cream formulas or alone.

Reduce Pain Long Lasting Tattoo Eyebrow Gel

With hydrolyzed oat protein, etc., ingredients, tattoo eyebrow gel performs well with quick relief of eyebrow tattoo discomfort and has long-lasting numbing, which effectively reduces pain.

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    How Can We Help with Private Label Solution

    Choose Your Desired Items

    Personalize your brand or select the best products with our exoert guidance.

    Products Sampling

    Our team streamlines product sampling to guide you conveniently in finalizing your manufacturing list.

    Finalize Your Product Design

    Elevate your brand with our customized packaging design services not limited to logo, formulas.

    After-sale Supports

    Our experts provide ongoing guidance and resources for effective marketing and sales in the tattoo market.

    Safe & Effective Formula

    Explore our pure natural plants and effective tattoo care products, designed to enhance your tattoo business. The meticulously crafted formulations guarantee optimal results while prioritizing safety and peace of mind for your customers.

    Tattoo Numbing Cream20% active ingredientsRelive pain, Smoothing
    Tattoo Numbing SprayArginine, AllantoinQuick and effective numbing

    More Applications Except for Tattoo

    Our products feature a safe and versatile formula that addresses various needs, including burns and scalds. With enhanced user well-being in mind, our formulations offer a wide range of applications, promoting a heightened sense of personal care.

    Tattoo / Line the browes / Burn / Scald / Mosquito bites / Itching and discomfort

    Why Hilook

    At Hilook, customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions that bring tangible benefits to your business.

    High-quality & versatile products
    High-stardard raw material
    R&D ability
    State-of-art production equipments

    High-quality & versatile products

    Rich proudcts line ensures long-lasting and safe tattoos, from nourishing cleansers used to prepare for tattoos to soothing aftercare balms. With quality ingredients and advanced formulations, our products are hypoallergenic, contain no harsh chemicals, and have no addiction. Hilook provides exceptional solutions tailored to meet your needs.

    High-stardard raw material

    With a commitment to innovation and excellence, our products are designed to meet the industry’s highest standards. We have deep cooperation with the world-famous raw material manufacturers, sourcing and utilizing cutting-edge and green materials that ensure optimal performance to assist your brand further.

    R&D ability

    As a private label tatoo aftercare company, Hilook owned our R & D team, combined with market trends, is dedicated to the development of more green products (like 100% pure natural plants), and effective tattoo care products. Based on customer demand and feedback, the product is constantly updated and iterated to the optimal formula to ensure customer satisfaction with the tattoo care products.

    State-of-art production equipments

    With our state-of-the-art production equipment, including fully automated machinery such as water purification systems, emulsifying tanks made of medical-grade materials, spray filling machines and so on, we have significantly enhanced our production capabilities. Additionally, our ownership of a dedicated water treatment plant ensures a reliable supply of high-quality water for our operations.

    High-standard & Precise Manufacturing Process

    Discover our exceptional production process, delivering superior quality and efficiency. From raw materials to advanced technologies, experience the strength of our manufacturing capabilities for tattoo care.


    1. Pre-manufacturing From Storage to Measurement

    ●  Material Supply Chain:

    All our formulas have been developed according to the highest standards.They are already tested and legally approved.

    ●  Raw materials storage:

    We provide packaging design services and collaborate with cost-saving package suppliers, offering a wide range of options for you.

    ●  Packaging materials storage:

    We provide packaging design services and collaborate with cost-saving package suppliers, offering a wide range of options for you.

    2. Materials Testing Before Production

    ●  Raw material inspection

    This includes appearance checks such as color, flavor, and sensory evaluation, along with microbial inspection to prevent contamination. Additionally, various testing machines are utilized to conduct qualitative inspections on ingredient content, color, viscosity, hardness, and more.

    ●  Packaging material inspection

    Primarily focused on examining connection status and appearance of connection parts which involves checking size, color, and surface appearance. Sprinkler packaging materials undergo tests for sprinkler performance, full liquid capacity, durability, and stripping. The testing is rigorous to ensure their optimal condition during production, minimizing the risk of leakage.

    3. Measurement of Raw Materials

    In order to produce product contents, raw materials need to be measured according to the characteristics of each product. The measurement of raw materials is controlled by a computer system.

    The type and content of raw materials are accurately measured by a control program, and the results are recorded in a data bank.

    And the detailed measurement information will be made into a bar code affixed after measurement, in order to record the detailed information of the management of raw materials.

    4. While-manufacturing

    After barcode confirmation, materials are added to the manufacturing pot for the production process, which includes dissolution, emulsification, dispersion, storage, cooling, filtration, and more. This applies to various cosmetics, including nano products.

    In addition, the manufacturing process includes transforming particles into nanoscale particles, ensuring high-quality products through controlled procedures.

    5. Machine Filling

    To maintain purity, a gas-cleaning dust collector is used for dry-cleaning supply containers. Automated systems with sensors efficiently capture particles, filtering them for safe disposal. Manual devices offer a hands-on approach for cleaning. The goal is to remove foreign matter and preserve material integrity.

    6. Microbial Detection

    Microbiological inspection is a basic step in thoroughly ensuring product quality. It is not only conducted on raw materials/products.

    Even manage the microbes in the air and on the human body in the production/packaging plant to consider/solve the problems that may occur when customers use it. Enhance customer trust.

    Microbiological inspection mainly includes the following stages, through such inspection shipped products will be qualified products (material/contents/product).

    7. Finished Product Testing

    To assess the quality of finished and semi-finished products, our appearance inspectors evaluate aspects such as color, fragrance, usability, and design from the consumer’s perspective.

    After product completion, QC conducts sampling inspection based on production order requirements and GB2828 acceptance standards. Qualified products are sealed and released for storage.

    According to our company’s delivery control system, products must pass both physical and chemical tests as well as meet appearance inspection criteria before being approved for delivery.

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