Private Label: Boost Your Brands

Explore our private label services that allow you to customize our products with your own brand labels and packaging. Stand out in the market and create a unique identity for your brand.



Private Label

A Global Leading in Private Label Tattoo Care

Hilook,a technical tattoo numbing company, is equipped with 100,000-level dust-free purification workshop, which has passed ISO22716 and GMPc international standard certification. We follow standardized factory management process to ensure the stability of quality and provide high-quality products for our customers.

●  Approved formulas: All our formulas have been developed according to the highest standards.They are already tested and legally approved.

●  Time saving: Our production time varies 5-15 days for custom brand from the date of agreement to delivery.

●  Packaging design: We provide packaging design services and collaborate with cost-saving package suppliers, offering a wide range of options for you.

Hilook's Private Label Benefits for Your Market

●  Cost-saving: We provide a wide range of product formulations for you to choose from, which is beneficial for you to launch your new brands.

●  Customized branding:We offer packaging customization services to help you create a cohesive brand identity with personalized packaging and labels that will attract more customers.

●  Customer loyalty: Hilook’s high-quality products help you meet the specific needs of your customer base and develop a loyal customer base that will lead to repeat business and referrals.

●  Differentiation: Hilook offers cost-effective, private label tattoo care products that allow you to stand out from your competitors and attract customers looking for unique and professional products.

●  Increased revenue: Our extensive tattoo product line can help you capture a larger market share, resulting in increased sales and profitability.

●  Brand control: Partnering with us, the source factory, allows you to maintain control over pricing, promotions and marketing strategies to match your retail brand and target audience.

●  Brand distinctiveness: Establish a recognizable brand by selling exclusive private label tattoo care products, attracting customers seeking unique offerings.

●  Product diversification: Expand your product portfolio with a range of private label tattoo care products through our customized services, attracting a broader customer base and increasing sales potential.

●  Profit margin optimization: Increase profit margins by eliminating the need for third-party brands and reducing price competition.

●  Exclusivity: We offer a custom service that enables brands to produce tattoo care products exclusively, ensuring that their products stand out in the marketplace.

●  Quality assurance: With complete automated machinery and equipment, we maintain consistent quality and adherence to brand standards through a meticulous production process that upholds brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

●  Scalability and cost-efficiency: Offer cost-effective private label  solutions, enabling brand owners to effectively expand their market reach.

How Private Label Tattoo Care Works

Step 1: Choose Your Desired Items

Explore our superior tattoo care products (from tattoo preparation to tattoo aftercare) with the guidance of our expert brand innovators. They will assist you in selecting the best products for your needs, ensuring top-quality and performance, or give the best suggestions for you to customize your own brands.

Step 2: Products Sampling

Product sampling is the crucial step of finalizing your manufacturing list.It enables you to establish a niche presence even with a limited budget and resources. Our team will guide and streamline the product sampling process for your convenience.

Step 3: Finalize Your Product Design

Selecting the perfect packaging for your products can be overwhelming. Our extensive collection offers premium designs and materials. Simply choose the templates, and our skilled team will impress you with creative packaging and design. We also provide logo design services to our partners upon request.

Step 4: After-sale Supports

At Tattoo Care Solutions, we support you from concept to shelf. Our team of industry experts provides ongoing guidance and resources to help you effectively market and sell your products. From informative brochures to video resources,we equip you for success in the tattoo market.

Serve for Your Tattoo Projects

Customize your tattoo care products with our wide range of options to drive your brand.

Pain-relief creamTattoo care cream
LidocaineButyrospermum parkii(Shea butter)
GlycerinSimmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil
Chrysanthellum indicum extractCocos nucifera (coconut) oil
Portulaca oleraceaMacadamia ternifolla seed oil
Scutellaria baicalensis root extractCeramide 2
Papain beta-glucanMenthol
Gentiana Scabra ExtractCera Alba
Ethylhexyl palmitateBisabolol


With our 5000+ formulas and extensive range of patented formulas, you can start and enhance your personal brands and expand your business opportunities in an effortless way.


In order to better serve our customers, we will also provide you with customized packaging services. We will thoroughly regulate everything, including the selection and design of the packaging.

BPA-free plastics / Glass / Design / Aluminum / Bottle

Private Label Stories from Our Customers

Check our succeed for years as bellow.

Tattoo artist tattooing a male arm

A self-owned brand

Challenges: Client’s small-scale operation made it difficult to meet the minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Solutions: Hilook help to combine print orders with other clients to reduce costs and meet the client’s low MOQ requirement.

Results: Our solutions successfully reduced costs and met the client’s low MOQ requirement. Additionally, another client benefited from shared printing arrangements, resulting in cost savings.

A chain tattoo studio

Challenges:The client had specific requirements regarding brand identity and packaging materials,seeking a complete range of products for pre-tattoo, during-tattoo, and post-tattoo care.

Solutions: Hilook developed new packaging molds to meet their diverse packaging material needs and  assigned multiple designers to create various packaging styles free of charge, allowing the client to select and finalize the series’ visual style.

Results: The client highly appreciated our service level and capabilities and subsequently signed an annual contract with us.

An US-based independent online seller

Challenges: Client’s requirement for speedy delivery with a shipping time frame of 30-35 days. Limited transportation options due to the product being in aerosol cans.

Solutions: Accelerated Production: Expedited production process, reducing lead time to 7-10 days.Fast Sea Freight: Utilized fast sea freight service to minimize order processing time.

Results: Successful fulfillment of client’s urgent delivery needs. Client highly satisfied with shorter delivery time. Consistent monthly reorders of over 3000 bottles of tattoo foam cleanser.

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