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Hilook offers a range of tattoo numbing creams for a pain-free tattooing experience. From premium creams to specialized formulas, find the right numbing solution tailored to your needs.



Tattoo Numbing Cream

The Distinctive Advantages of Our Numbing Creams

With fast-acting pain relief and natural ingredients, our formulations redefine the way tattoo artists work. Give your clients an unparalleled level of comfort with our exceptional products.

1. Fast Pain Relief

Experience rapid pain relief with Hilook’s Tattoo Numbing Creams. Our formulations are designed for quick action, ensuring a swift and effective numbing experience. Say goodbye to unnecessary discomfort during your tattoo session.

Embrace the safety of natural ingredients. Hilook’s Tattoo Numbing Creams are crafted with a blend of natural components, ensuring a safe and gentle numbing solution for your skin. Trust in the power of nature for a worry-free tattooing experience.

Benefit from extended numbing relief. Our creams are formulated to provide prolonged effectiveness, making them ideal for longer tattoo sessions. Enjoy continuous comfort throughout the entire process.

Say goodbye to greasy residues. Hilook’s Tattoo Numbing Creams feature non-greasy formulas, allowing for easy application and absorption. Enjoy the numbing benefits without any uncomfortable or sticky sensations.

Discover versatility in application. Whether you prefer creams or gels, our product range caters to your preferences. Choose the format that suits your needs for a personalized and comfortable tattooing experience.

Experience more than just pain relief. Hilook’s Tattoo Numbing Creams are formulated to reduce redness and swelling, contributing to an overall smoother and more enjoyable tattooing process.

Rest assured with dermatologist-tested formulations. Our Tattoo Numbing Creams undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness, providing you with a reliable solution for your tattoo care.


Gentle Care for Sensitive Skin: Key Ingredients

Carefully crafted for sensitive skin, the ingredients of our tattoo cream work together to provide fast-acting pain relief.

LidocaineRenowned local anesthetic for effective numbing.
GlycerinMoisturizes and promotes smoother application.
Chrysanthellum indicum extractAdds soothing properties for enhanced comfort.
Portulaca oleraceaAnti-inflammatory benefits, suitable for sensitive skin.
Scutellaria baicalensis root extractSkin-soothing properties contribute to gentle care.
Papain beta-glucanConditions the skin, maintaining a healthy surface.
Gentiana Scabra ExtractPotential anti-inflammatory effects for added comfort.
Ethylhexyl palmitateEmollient for a smooth texture, ensuring easy application.

Microbiological Inspection to Ensure Product Quality

To guarantee the highest quality of your numbing cream, we follow these steps:

First, we receive incoming sample batches and meticulously prepare them for testing.

Next, our microbiological experts conduct thorough microbiological examinations. This involves inoculating cultures to check for the presence of any harmful microbes.

We then carefully analyze and determine the microbiological composition of the cultures.

Finally, we input the detailed results into our quality control database for review and record-keeping.

Your Brand, Our Expertise

Private Label for Studios & Brands

Elevate your brand with Hilook’s private label services. We specialize in crafting tailored solutions for tattoo studios, offering:

  • Custom Formulations: Expertly formulated tattoo numbing products aligned with your brand vision.
  • Personalized Packaging: Maintain control over your brand identity with customized packaging and labeling.
Tatoo Numbing Cream

Private Label Benefits

Let us help customize numbing cream for your tattoo studios, brands, and online stores. Achieve pain-free tattoo sessions with innovative solutions that ensure client comfort and satisfaction.

numbing cream for tattoo

5000+ Approved Formulas

All our formulas have been developed according to the highest standards.They are already tested and legally approved.

Free Sample

Free samples available for your order, with shipping fees covered.

Custom Packaging

Elevate your brand with our customized packaging design including materials like BPA-free plastics, glass, aluminum, and bottles.

Quick Turnaround

Our production time varies 5-15 days for custom brand from the date of agreement to delivery.

Customize with Ease Steps

More Applications Except for Tattoo

Our numbing cream feature a safe and versatile formula that addresses various needs, including burns and scalds. With enhanced user well-being in mind, our formulations offer a wide range of applications, promoting a heightened sense of personal care.

Numbing cream for Tattoo / Line the browes / Burn / Scald / Mosquito bites / Itching and discomfort

Numbing cream for lip injections/lip fillers/waxing/ear piercing/nipple piercing

How Does Numbing Cream Work for Tattoos?

Numbing creams help users reduce pain while getting a tattoo. Here’s how numbing cream with ocal anesthetics such as lidocaine works for tattoos:

  • Application: Before the tattooing procedure, the numbing cream is applied to the skin in the area where the tattoo will be done. The cream is usually applied thickly and then covered with a plastic wrap.
  • Absorption: The active ingredients in the numbing cream, such as lidocaine, penetrate the skin and reach the nerve endings beneath the surface. These nerve endings are responsible for transmitting pain signals to the brain.
  • Nerve Signal Blockage: Once the numbing cream has been absorbed, it works by blocking the sodium channels on the nerve cell membranes. This prevents the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain.
  • Temporary Numbing Effect: The result is a temporary numbing effect in the skin, making the area less sensitive to pain. This allows individuals to undergo the tattooing process with reduced discomfort.
numbing cream for tattoo

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