Tattoo Numbing Spray Manufacturer

Hilook is an experienced manufacturer in producing numbing spray ideal for longer tattoo sessions. Crafted with your studio’s success in mind, our solutions go beyond pain relief and provide you with custom label tattoo solutions, addressing the unique challenges faced by professional tattoo artists.



Tattoo Numbing Spray

Diverse Tattoo Numbing Sprays

Our private label numbing spray solutions redefine comfort, offering endurance for extended sessions, certified confidence for studios, and a personalized approach to elevate client satisfaction.

The Distinctive Advantages of Our Numbing Sprays

Discover the unparalleled benefits of our tattoo numbing sprays, designed to elevate your tattooing business to new heights. Our products stand out with several distinctive advantages:

1. Rapid Onset of Numbing Effect

Our numbing sprays are formulated for quick absorption, providing a rapid onset of the numbing effect. Say goodbye to prolonged waiting times before experiencing relief.

The lightweight consistency of our sprays ensures an efficient and even application. Tattoo artists can cover larger areas seamlessly, ensuring a consistent numbing experience for clients.

We understand the dynamic nature of tattoo sessions. Our numbing sprays offer convenience in reapplication, allowing tattoo artists to address the evolving needs of clients during extended sessions.

Prioritizing client comfort is at the core of our product design. Our numbing sprays are crafted with the client in mind, contributing to a more relaxed and positive tattooing experience.

Whether it’s a small, intricate design or a larger, more extensive piece, our numbing sprays cater to the versatility required for tattoos of different sizes. Artists can rely on consistent efficacy across various applications.

The spray format allows for enhanced precision in application, ensuring that the numbing solution reaches the targeted areas precisely. This precision contributes to a smoother and more controlled tattooing process.

Tattoo Numbing Spray

Gentle Care for Sensitive Skin: Key Ingredients

Explore the soothing and numbing properties of Hilook’s tattoo numbing sprays. The thoughtfully selected ingredients work together to ensure a comfortable and soothing tattooing experience.

LidocaineRenowned local anesthetic for effective numbing.
GlycerinMoisturizes and promotes smoother application.
Chrysanthellum indicum extractAdds soothing properties for enhanced comfort.
Portulaca oleraceaAnti-inflammatory benefits, suitable for sensitive skin.
Scutellaria baicalensis root extractSkin-soothing properties contribute to gentle care.
Papain beta-glucanConditions the skin, maintaining a healthy surface.
Gentiana Scabra ExtractPotential anti-inflammatory effects for added comfort.
Ethylhexyl palmitateEmollient for a smooth texture, ensuring easy application.

How Do We Ensure the Quality of Numbing Spray

Our experts meticulously evaluate every tattoo numbing spray from the customer’s perspective – scrutinizing color, fragrance, usability and design aesthetics.

Production batches undergo strict sampling inspection per GB2828 standards. Only qualified items are sealed and stored. Before delivery, products must pass stringent physical, chemical and appearance tests per our control system.

You can trust that any product you receive has undergone our multi-layered inspection protocols, meeting the highest standards of quality worthy of your confidence.

Private Label Benefits

Let us help customize numbing spray for your tattoo studios, brands, and online stores. Achieve pain-free tattoo sessions with innovative solutions that ensure client comfort and satisfaction.

5000+ Approved Formulas

All our formulas have been developed according to the highest standards.They are already tested and legally approved.

Free Sample

Free samples available for your order, with shipping fees covered.

Custom Packaging

Elevate your brand with our customized packaging design including materials like BPA-free plastics, glass, aluminum, and bottles.

Quick Turnaround

Our production time varies 5-15 days for custom brand from the date of agreement to delivery.

Tattoo Numbing Spray

Customize with Ease Steps

More Applications Except for Tattoo

Our numbing spray feature a safe and versatile formula that addresses various needs, including burns and scalds.

Numbing spray for Tattoo / Line the browes / Burn / Scald / Mosquito bites / Itching and discomfort

Numbing spray for lip injections/lip fillers/waxing/ear piercing/nipple piercing

Numbing Spray vs. Cream

Compared with numbing cream, numbing spray can also be effective for reducing pain and discomfort during tattooing. Numbing sprays typically contain local anesthetics like lidocaine, and they work by temporarily desensitizing the nerve endings in the skin. Explore more bewteen creams and sprays.

AspectNumbing SprayNumbing Cream
ConsistencyLighter, applied more quickly and evenly.Usually thicker, providing a substantial barrier.
ApplicationSprayed directly onto the skin, quick and efficient.Applied topically, needs to be spread evenly.
DurationNumbing effect may set in rapidly, reapplication as needed.Numbing effect lasts for a duration, may need reapplication.
Client PreferencesConsider client preferences for cream or spray.Consider client preferences for cream or spray.
Tattoo Size/DurationConsider for larger or longer sessions.Consider for larger or longer sessions.
Ease of ApplicationQuick and efficient applicRequires spreading evenly.

The choice between cream and spray depends on factors such as client preferences, the size and duration of the tattoo session, and ease of application. Tattoo artists may choose based on their experience and the specific needs of each session, and some may even use a combination of both.

FAQs on Numbing Spray

All our numbing spray are manufactured in 100,000-level dust-free purification workshop, which has passed ISO22716 and GMPc international standard certification. We follow standardized factory management process to ensure the stability of quality and provide high-quality products for our customers.

The most important ingredient in tattoo numbing sprays is lidocaine, a local anesthetic agent. Lidocaine works by blocking sodium channels and preventing the conduction of pain signals from the treated area.

Yes, we have over 5000+ approved formulas for you to choose from. Contact us and let our experienced experts help with your specific needs.

Tattoo numbing spray with lidocaine can last up to 3 hours, but may vary depending on the user's skin type and application technique.

Numbing spray that contains lidocaine can take 15-30 minutes to fully work. Some products may take over 30 minutes when you feel numb over the tattoo area.

Make sure the area where you’ll be getting the tattoo is clean and free from oil and dirt.Then apply a thin, even layer over the desired area. Allow 20-30 minutes for the numbing effects to take place before your tattoo session. Reapply as needed during long sessions.

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