Precautions and maintenance after tattooing

Precautions and maintenance after tattooing

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1. Tear off the plastic wrap or gauze 5-7 hours after the tattoo, rinse the tattoo wound with warm water, and prohibit soap and bath solution.

2. It is normal for the wound to have bloody exudation 1-2 days after tattooing. Do not apply trauma ointment at will and do not touch the wound with your hand.

3. To ensure that the wound clean and dry, after bathing or a lot of exercise, with dry paper towels to dry the surface of the wound moisture.

4. The wound can not be treated with alcohol and iodine to prevent infection, and an appropriate amount of anti-inflammatory drugs for trauma can be taken orally.

5. Before the wound is good, do not drink alcohol and spicy food, prohibited swimming sauna (only warm water rinse).

7. A few days after the completion of the tattoo itching, scab, peeling can not scratch the wound, so as not to decolorize, wear loose and comfortable clothes.

Pay attention to the health of the wound must take a bath after the tattoo, wash every day, but do not rub the skin of the tattoo part, because the bath is to exude body fluids and residual medicine sound to wash clean, but be careful not to use irritating bath liquid, soap and other things, the bath time should not be too long, you can take a bath, but not bath, not swimming.

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